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Wanting to do the Right Way the First Time May 13, 2009

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A few of my teachers began to blog this year. What became instantly confusing was the different programs that the teachers were using to blog.  Also, the kids began to compile a list of usernames and passwords longer than my own list!  So as this year winds down I am putting thought now into next year.  I envision my students to blog, for my teachers to blog, for my students to blog reflections to my teachers’ posts and by using tags have their post tie back to the teachers.  So now the dilema…What program to use?  I would like to poll my audience.  So what do you think?


4 Responses to “Wanting to do the Right Way the First Time”

  1. Most of my colleagues use WordPress, which appears to be the tool of choice.

    I started with Bloglines as a convenience off of my RSS feeder years ago and find it is a pain now because I am hesitant to move it. Bloglines also doesn’t allow for comments so it doesn’t fit your needs.

    One consideration since you are dealing with minors: do you need to check with restricted access so your blogs are contained inside a firewall? That is a concern for many corporate blogs and wikis to protect proprietary information. You just may need to think about it with your kids since it is a panic point for many.

    Good luck! It’s a great way to get them writing.

  2. Teryl Magee Says:

    Why not try Warlick’s Classsroom Blogmeister? I like the protections that it has. Everything has to be approved by the administrator before it goes out. That would keep the concern about protections under control. Good luck, and happy blogging!

  3. Jason Flom Says:

    You might consider Class Blogmeister:

    I have not used it myself, but the demo I saw of it looked simple and effective.

    Here is an example:
    The students’ personal pages are accessible on the right sidebar.

  4. Sheri Says:

    I have set up edublogs, wordpress, and blogger for students, but then have used only the wordpress one so far with students — we just didn’t get enough done to get started much. I actually like all of the above. My sixth graders will soon be uploading to edublogs . Be sure to check what each application allows. I have wordpress on a separate site (not at wordpress) so we can have widgets, etc. That may be a limit at edublog also. Blogger is so easy to use and allows most widgets and videos, etc. But again, you’ll need to check them for student use. To obtain no ads in Edublog you need to pay/subcribe or pay for campus addition; nice layouts, designs, etc. though. Another option just for blogging with other students is Youth Voices at My eighth grade students like the connections to other students, although users are all ages. Youth voices also has chat, podcasts, and audio options for blogging. As far as passwords, I set up the passwords on all these for students (including wikis) so the user name and password is the same for all of them (wikis, blogs, Diigo). Although voicethread requires a “fake” email, we used the same password and user name added to the email ( Hope that helps.
    wordpress by students:

    My sixth graders will either use edublog at or

    So I’m looking forward to further comments here— and for further thoughts from you.

    It’s a great writing experience, so we plan more next year.

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